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About Me And About This Website.


I first took an interest in rocks, minerals and fossils when I was 9 years old. I spent part of my childhood growing up in the United States where collecting rocks, minerals and fossils has long been a very popular hobby with extensive opportunities to build up a collection and talk to people who shared the same interest. Over the three years I lived there, I managed to build up quite an extensive collection and a library of books on the subject of mineralogy and palaeontology which I entertained myself reading in my bedroom on rainy days or evenings when I was supposed to have been asleep!


When I moved back to the UK at the age of 12, the ability to pursue this hobby and continue to build up a collection to the same extent declined significantly. It was not as popular pursuit as it was in the States and proper rock, mineral and fossil shops where few and far between. Now, thanks to the advent of the internet, things have changed in that regard, and it is now a lot easier to pursue almost any collecting hobby by ordering items from any part of the world from the comfort of your own living room, and internet vendors such as myself have helped make it possible to build up collections to inspire today's children to become the palaeontologists and geologists of the future, as well as to cater to adult collectors and provide specimens to researchers in Britain and all over the world.


Sadly, this wasn't the case at the time, and the lack of opportunities to continue my childhood hobby meant that my then ambition to become either a palaeontologist or a geologist faded into the background. Eventually I decided to pursue a degree in Modern World History. After graduating, I worked for some years as a commercial numismatist for one of the country's leading coin and bullion dealers.


Collecting coins can however, be a very expensive pastime, even at the cheaper end of the collector's scale, and so I was drawn back to my almost forgotten childhood hobby, now made possible because of sites like eBay, where you can find vendors for almost anything you can think of from all around the world. I became particularly drawn to fossilised amber. The sheer fascination of being able to hold in your hand an object that allows you to peer millions of years into the past and gaze upon creatures that lived long before humans even evolved, still looking in many cases much as they did in life, seemed almost magical.


I decided soon after that I wanted to be more than just a collector, I wanted to pursue a career making a living from selling specimens whilst at the same time helping to educate people about this amazing subject, and hope they become as fascinated as I have become with amber, paleoentomology and other related subjects.


The aim of this website is not merely to sell specimens, but educate and help collectors and others who may be interested in these topics.

Serious researchers may find my articles a bit too elementary when there are so many far more detailed resources available to them elsewhere, but what I have attempted to do here is to summarise the key information to help lay collectors and hobbyists understand the essentials of amber collecting and amberology. That said, I have supplied specimens to museum curators and researchers all over the world, many of them more than once, so I assume they believe I provide a useful service in some regard! If you are interested in taking reading more deeply into the subject, many of my articles contain citations linking to articles and other sources that delve more deeply into the details of what I am summarising.


I hope visitors to this site will find it informative and useful. If you do find yourself captivated by my articles and wish to learn more, feel free to google the aforementioned authors and the citations provided in many of the articles. There is a wealth of information out there where you can take your knowledge of the topic further.


In the meantime, if you find yourself inspired by what you read, feel free to visit my eBay shop, the-past-experience (or click on the 'shop' button at the top of the page) and browse through some of the specimens I have for sale, catering to beginners, amateur collectors and researchers alike, and hopefully become one of the many happy customers who have bought from me since I established my shop.





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